Here are the directions to get to Casa Acqua

It is almost essential to have a car because transport is almost non-existent.

The nearest town is Bastia, you can get there by boat or plane, the airport is 20km from the town.
Casa Acqua is 10km from Bastia heading north on the Cap road (D80).

First of all, from Bastia take the Cap road and reach Erbalunga.

From Erbalunga, to the entrance of Terre Rosse

Here is a link to Google Map for the route between the Village

from the portal, stop looking at Google and rely on the last photo!

When you see a bus shelter on the left, slow down and cross the road, stopping in front of the gate.

From there, go 350m and turn right in front of a red fire hydrant, it's the 4th house on the left, google map does not know the private paths well, trust the photo below :)